Starting a club at Saltbox Primitives is simple.  In a nutshell, a "club" is like having a credit card, without the interest and without the hassle of carrying around a card.  All you need to do to start a club is is find 4 or more friends who would like to join your club.  Each member gets to decide how much they would like to have on their account.  It can be as little as $50.00 or as much as you would like.  Everyone makes weekly payments to total their chosen value.  To start using your club, each member needs to make their first two payments.  After that you are free to shop!  


As a thank you for being a club leader- you will receive 10% value of the of the club added to your club credit on completition.  For example, a $500.00 club will receive $50.00 in club credit upon pay off of your club. 



For better understanding, please read the guidelines below:

  1. Clubs will run for a 10 week period.
  2. Clubs have a 4 person minimum unless other arrangements have been made.
  3. Payments will be required bi-weekly (or weekly if preferred).
  4. 20% down will be required to start and use a club.  Payments can be made by cash or check, in store only. 
  5. New clubs and payments must be made in person.
  6. Club payments will only be accepted from the club secretary.  No payments will be accepted from individual club members. 
  7. Clubs will be available for use only after the 20% down payment has been made.
  8. If a payment is 30 days deliquent, you will be notified by a store representative.  You do have a 7 day grace period.  If the club is still past due after the grace period, all members funds will be frozen.